Embrace your inner goddess


Boudoir photography is a photography style catering to ladies who want to bring out their beauty in a soft, sensual and elegant way. Usually, boudoir photos are done to celebrate an anniversary or a milestone in a woman’s life. We love when we encounter women who want to shoot this kind of photography for themselves, but it’s perfectly acceptable to give it to your partner as a gift.

Hello Beauty and Confidence Seekers!



My promise is to take the best boudoir portrait that you’ve ever seen of yourself and I’m inviting you to a personal photoshoot with me.

When the people I photograph see themselves through my lens, there is a shift in their confidence. We are all a little uncomfortable with the camera, and my job is to help you overcome it and to have an uplifting experience along with the gorgeous photos.


…My session was beautiful and intimate. She made me feel so at ease. The shots she got of me is something I’ve never seen of myself…

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Sophia D

…I started feeling more glamorous than anything! …and Christina coaches you on exactly how to move and hold yourself…
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Maureen P.

…It was as though she somehow knew not only my personality and character but also could see them through the eyes of my 45 year partner and love…
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Alison H.

Her lighting is so fantastic that my photos needed little to no touch ups…
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Tina D.

By the time I walked out the door I felt incredible, every woman deserves to feel this way…

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Caitlin D.